Comic 16 - Work Hours Part 5

Sun, 8th January, 2017 in A Brickish Space Comic: The Reboot
Work Hours Part 5
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Author Notes:

LJ Sun, 8th January, 2017 edit delete
Wow, it's been almost a year since the last comic was uploaded! I have quite an on and off relationship with LEGO these days. I'm not too interested in LEGO itself, but I do feel the need to create stories, and using LEGO is the easiest way to do that. Because of this, I often have hiatuses in the comic, because I'll often put all my LEGO away in the attic, meaning I can't take pictures for the comic. That's the situation I'm currently in, which is why stock photos have been used in this strip. I'm trying to create more comics, but for now updates will be infrequent.