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Post-Meeting Review Part 4

Tue, 15th May, 2018 in A Brickish Space Comic: The Reboot
Post-Meeting Review Part 4
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KDog Fri, 8th June, 2018
Welcome back.
Das Leser wieder Sun, 17th June, 2018
I think it's too late - he's gone again
KDog Wed, 4th July, 2018
He'll be back. :-)
Das Leser wieder Wed, 4th July, 2018
Yeah I know - and I hope so!
It's just fun pullin' his leg about this every now and then ;-)

@Louis: I hope you know I _do_ appreciate this comic, and since it comes out of your free time, I'm happy about every "un-hiatus", no matter how short! :-)